Belmont provides equity risk management solutions to investment advisors, family offices, and corporate executives.

Customized Solutions

Belmont advises and implements customized hedging solutions for clients. The firm has the ability to hedge existing portfolios or client-specific risks. Some examples include:

  • Index Option Overlay
  • Covered Call Writing
  • Tail Risk Hedge
  • Interest Rate Hedge
  • Industry Hedge

Single Stock Risk Management

Belmont provides concentrated equity holders with hedging solutions to lower risk, increase yield and manage taxes. These include:

  • Collar Strategy
  • Covered Call Writing
  • Stock Option Monetization
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Open Architecture Pricing

Client Benefits

  1. Ability to protect against large portfolio losses with full transparency and daily liquidity.

  2. Strategies to generate income on current investment holdings.

  3. Customized solutions available to hedge specific risks or to implement client views on a particular asset class or security.